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Our mission is to provide information on important issues confronting our community, and to promote organizations and candidates which offer progressive solutions to these issues.

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Voting by Mail

Florida makes it very easy to vote by mail (sometimes called "absentee ballots"). Democrats who register to vote by mail are much more likely to vote than those who don't. In 2018 the Florida ballot is expected to be 6 pages, meaning potential long lines at the polls.

If you would like to request a vote by mail ballot, please call the Supervisor of Elections office at 239-LEE‐VOTE  (239-533‐8683) from 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday or visit this page on the Lee County Supervisor of Elections website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Your request to vote by mail must be received by the Elections office no later than 5 PM on the sixth calendar day preceding the election.

Enrollment in Vote-by-Mail is good for only two general elections. If you are not sure you are still enrolled, call the Supervisor of Elections office at 239-LEE-VOTE (239-533‐8683). They can check and re-enroll you over the phone.

If it has been over five years since you last registered to vote, please re-register to assure your current signature is on file 

For information on early voting, visit the Election Dates page of the Florida Elections website.

ACLU Florida Executive Director Addressed the  Democratic Club of the Islands - Thursday, March 22@7:00 PM

On Thursday,  March 22nd, the Democratic Club of the Islands hosted Dr. Howard Simon, Florida Director of the ACLU, discuss the topic ”Defending Human Rights in the Era of Donald Trump”.

Simon discussed the challenges facing the almost l00 year old non-partisan civil rights and civil liberties organization as it confronts the comprehensive  program of the Trump Administration to roll back advances in human rights over the last several decades. With over l00 lawsuits, ACLU is challenging the Trump Administration on women's rights, reproductive rights, voting rights, immigrants’ rights, LGBT rights, as well as First Amendment and criminal justice issues.

Dr. Simon was awarded his Ph.D. in Legal and Political Philosophy and Social Ethics by the University of Minnesota in l974. He has served as a state affiliate Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for more than four decades, and is the longest serving director in the nation.

During Simon’s tenure, the organization has played a central role in issues addressing school vouchers, religious practices in the public schools, abortion rights, end of life care issues, and numerous controversies involving separation of church and state. He addressed the recent Florida Legislative Session and the major challenges to fundamental values of privacy and religious freedom, and separation of church.  Simon also discussed proposed Amendment 4 that has been certified for the November ballot, and is an historic opportunity to restore the right to vote to those who have committed a crime, but who have completed their sentence.


On Thursday, January l8th, the Democratic Club of the Islands featured a debate between Democratic Candidates Todd Truax and David Holden

Truax and Holden are vying for the l9th Congressional District seat now held by Francis Rooney, which represents Sanibel. Board member Chet Sadler moderated the debate.

Todd Truax holds degrees in psychology and social service administration, with concentration in mental health and aging, from Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University. He earned certification from the Fisher College of Business in Nursing Home Administration and was licensed as a social worker in Ohio in l992 and in Florida in 2002. Truax served as the founding member of the Coalition for Optimal Behavioral Health and Aging, which was instrumental in bringing the Royal Palm Psychiatric Hospital to Southwest Florida.

David Holden earned a degree in political science from Temple University and his Master’s in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2009. This unparalleled training in leadership and organizational development, led him to California, where he served as Deputy Director of the California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies. CASRA is a pioneering non-profit in the field of mental health. Holden’s educational experiences have formed his deep commitment to quality public education and affordable access to higher education for all Americans. He and his wife are currently partners in a financial planning practice in Naples.

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