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Our mission is to provide information on important issues confronting our community, and to promote organizations and candidates which offer progressive solutions to these issues.

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Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 - ACTION

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 was passed by the Congress on December 6

Even in the turmoil that our congress seems to be in everyday they are finding the time and energy to pass a gun bill that will make it easier for people to carry their weapons in every state.

This bill would make it legal for anyone with a permit from any state to carry their concealed weapons in any other state. Some states have strong laws for permits and others are weak or non-existent.  The bill would weaken many states laws because they will be forced to recognize permits from any state even though they don't have the same standards or requirements.

We need to use our influence to assure that this bill does not pass the Senate.

Please take a minute and leave your Senators a message today. 202-225-3121.

Affordable Care Act Open Season - Action

For political reasons, the people currently running our government conduct little or no outreach to those who have the most need and who would thus benefit the most.

Outreach is thus left to us at a grassroots level.  Most people who could benefit are unaware and are very grateful for help in connecting them with insurance options.

If you know of anybody who might benefit or anybody who would help get the word out, please do so.  There is a somewhat hard to find useful tool at -  The user enters a zip code, information about family composition and income and all ACA plans available to them appear for comparison with premiums and benefits. They can then use this information to select and sign up for a plan after they login.

ACA subsidies are available to citizens and individuals legally admitted who do not have access to employer based health insurance or other government provided health insurance.

So please help get the word out - if you help direct only one person to affordable health insurance you could perhaps be saving a life.  Open season ends December 15 (December 31 for areas like Southwest Florida that were disaster areas due to hurricanes)


Guns at Lee County Schools

Update on Below:  Congratulations to all who reached out to School Board members to rescind their July 7-0 vote to alter the present policy of zero tolerance of guns on school campuses.  Their vote would have permitted guns in locked cars on school grounds.  Smash and Grab  gun events, all too frequent in Lee County, would be one of many ways our students and teachers would become vulnerable to criminal exposure.  Your emails, phone calls and fervent pleas at School Board meetings completely paid off.  It is our understanding the policy change vote of 7-0 is withdrawn and dead.  The Las Vegas event only reinforces future vigilance.  We know our community and School Board Board members will be with us.  With heartfelt thanks.

The Lee County School Board has a 7-0 vote on the table with open public discussion for a POLICY CHANGE from zero tolerance of guns on school property to the protection of rights of gun owners arriving in cars on school business. At the August School Board Meeting Board Member, Steven Teuber persuaded the entire Board that gun owners with school business should be protected from the current felony law of Zero Tolerance by a change in School Board policy which allows them to leave encased, locked and loaded guns in their locked cars. Why change? 1. The current Zero Tolerance policy for our schools has provided total safety for our students and teachers. 2. School Board members were not elected to protect gun owners by compromising school security. 3. The state of Florida has Zero Tolerance for all travelers in our airports. Why don't our children and teachers deserve this same kind of total protection? 4. How many stories of "smash and grab" with weapons taken from locked cars have you read about recently? Easy enough to do on unprotected school grounds. 5. The certainty of the enormous cost of potential lawsuits will confront our school system already dealing with major financial problems. An open discussion of these hazards facing our schools should be sufficient to persuade the majority of our School Board members to alter their initial votes for change, thus ensuring the current Zero Tolerance policy will continue to protect our School population.

Lee County Confederate Monuments - ACTION NEEDED!

Click here to get further information.


As Martin Luther King, Jr. said: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." It isn't much of a stretch to realize that our democracy begins to end the day that citizens remain complacent in the face of hate speech and violence directed at people of color, Jews, Muslims, pro-choice women, the LGBTQ community and immigrants. 

We are writing to urge you to take a public stand for freedom and equality and against these dangerous words and actions by attending rallies, writing letters to the editor in your communities, using social media to spread the message that Americans come in all colors, ethnic backgrounds, gender identifications, and religions, and contacting your state and federal representatives to ask that they support anti-hate efforts, and legislation.  

We stand behind you as you stand up for the future of democracy and equality. Let us know how we can help.

Keep up the good fight,

The Board of Directors of the Democratic Club of the Islands


The Southern Poverty Law Center ( is a social justice organization whose web site offers tips, talking points, and background information about fighting hate.


If, along with attending rallies, writing letters, and calling your representatives, you would like to support organizations working with people and causes threatened in Charlottesville, here are some additional resources:

What to Do About Charlottesville Help folks targeted by those who would erase them



International Rescue Committee


Legal Aid Justice Center


Peace rally held in Fort Myers following violence in Charlottesville - 8/15/17

Many of our members attended including Bob Hilliard who spoke eloquently and was interviewed on WINK-TV- NEWS

Voting by Mail

Florida makes it very easy to vote by mail (sometimes called "absentee ballots"). Democrats who register to vote by mail are much more likely to vote than those who don't.

If you would like to request a vote by mail ballot, please call the Supervisor of Elections office at 239-LEE‐VOTE  (239-533‐8683) or visit this page on the Lee County Supervisor of Elections website.Your request to vote by mail must be received by the Elections office no later than 5 PM on the sixth calendar day preceding the election (November 2 for the General Election).

Enrollment in Vote-by-Mail is good for only two general elections. If you are not sure you are still enrolled, call the Supervisor of Elections office at 239-LEE-VOTE (239-533‐8683). They can check and re-enroll you over the phone.

If it has been over five years since you last registered to vote, please re-register to assure your current signature is on file 

For information on early voting, visit the Election Dates page of the Florida Elections website.

Water Quality

The July 21st 2016 Membership Meeting featured several Sanibel experts  discussing the subject: “What We All Need to Know About Local Consequences of Compromised Water”.

The speakers were Rae Ann Wessel, Natural Policy Director, SCCF; Dr. Bruce Neill, Executive Director of The Sanibel Sea School and a Marine Biologist; and Holly Milbrandt, Environmental Biologist, Natural Resource Department of the City of Sanibel. Each brought a unique perspective on our local water issues. 

As a follow-up to that meeting, we have created a Water Quality section on this website. Please visit this section to see informative articles, web sites, and actions you can take as an informed citizen.

All of Sanibel's constituencies -- the City, SCCF, the Chamber of Commerce, COTI, and the Condo Associations of Sanibel Island (CASI) -- are working together with a common near-term goal: asking the Governor and the Southwest Florida Water Management District to get underway with planning and implementing storage, treatment and conveyance of the Lake O water south. They need to hear from you - please write a message as detailed on the Sanibel City Website at Call for Action , or on the form provided by SCCF Here

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